Parish Staff


 Rev. John P. Beveridge, Pastor

Rev. John Beveridge


618.345.4343, Ext. 100


Deacon Jimmy Ghiglione

Permanent Deacon, Director of Faith Formation

618.345.4343, Ext.101


Deacon Jim Hill

Permanent Deacon

618.345.4343, Ext. 104

Rev. Br. Fernando Solomon, OP Miss.

Transitional Deacon


Camille Emig-Hill

Director of Human Resources and Communications

618.345.4343, Ext. 102

Maggie Brennan

Director of Pastoral Care

618.345.4343, Ext. 111

Nick Robinson

Director of Liturgical Music


Teri Lesicko

Director of Finance and Development

618.345.4343. ext. 105


Leslie Duff

Coordinator of Facilities

618.345.4343, Ext. 108


Kimberly Zagorski

Coordinator of Faith Formation

618.345.4343, Ext. 103


Michelle Trimble

Manager of Accounting

618.345.4343, Ext. 106

Karen Meyer

Finance Assistant

618.345.4343, ext. 115

Lynn Muniz

Lynn Muniz

Administrative Assistant for Faith Formation, Archivist

618.345.4343, Ext. 112

Angie Auer

Administrative Assistant, Receptionist


Chip Awalt

Maintenance Assistant

Dave Launhardt

Maintenance Assistant