Welcome to A Spiritual Home for Everyone

Rev. John P. Beveridge, Pastor

Welcome to Ss. Peter & Paul Parish.  Our vision:  -“A parish of intentional missionary disciples and our mission: Be. Grow. Make Disciples – offers us all the opportunity to live a life of true Christian discipleship that is deeply rooted in the person of Jesus Christ. At Ss. Peter & Paul, we believe it is of utmost importance to meet members’ spiritual needs and help them grow as disciples by develop a personal relationship with Jesus.  We focus on Hospitality, Prayer, Formation and Service as ways to grow as disciples.

Our Parish’s ministries and programs can help us focus on renewing and growing our spiritual life.

When we pray, study, work, play, give, serve and share together with fellow members of the Body of Christ, we can be led closer to Him through one another and with the help of the Holy Spirit.

We are excited that you are joining us.  May God bless each of you on your continuing spiritual journey of Christian discipleship.


Sincerely Yours in Christ,


Fr. John Beveridge, Pastor


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“A Spiritual Home for Everyone” — What Does It Mean?

At Ss. Peter & Paul, we believe it is important for all parishioners to know what is expected of each member.  We are all the Church—members of the Body of Jesus Christ—and have a role to play in keeping the Body healthy and growing.

Let’s look at each word in the vision.


At SS. Peter & Paul, we believe it is of utmost importance to meet members’ spiritual needs and help members develop a personal relationship with Jesus by focusing on being good stewards of God’s gifts to us by:

  • Praying: Private, Small Group and Community—worshipping at Mass and other Liturgical events
  • Studying: Learning the Word of God
  • Growing Spiritually: Receiving the Sacraments and taking advantage of Faith Growth opportunities
  • Serving: Focusing on others in our parish and community
  • Giving: Sharing all the gifts God has given us



What is a home?  At SS. Peter & Paul, we strive to make it a place where:

  • You give and share as members of one family
  • You are appreciated as a person and your accomplishments and service are recognized
  • You take care of others and get taken care of when needed
  • You can be yourself—use your God-given talents in doing what you do best
  • You have the opportunity to learn and grow
  • You feel secure and comfortable
  • You share joys and sorrows
  • You take care of your “home”



As members of the Body of Christ we are all called to be communal and outreaching, putting the Word of God into action.  We do this by:

  • Welcoming all to our parish
  • Being in communion with one another in prayer, service, and social activities
  • Outreaching into our community to serve those in need
  • Having the opportunity to be involved in parish life and voice opinions
  • All of these get accomplished through our Parish’s Liturgy and Ministries.