From the Desk of Fr. John

Thank you to our Hospitality Team for a great celebration of our parish feast day… the feast of Saints Peter & Paul. It gives us pause to realize that it is not simply an anniver- sary…but a celebration of God’s grace working in those two saints and in our parish.

We are called to build up the Church just as Peter did…keeping the community in loving union with one another…one in faith and one in charity. Peter was blessed by the Lord to be ‘Rock’ and foundation for this new community…the Church. He helped form clear faith in Jesus and incorporate all those who came to believe in Him. The Lord had commissioned and called him first of all to love him…and then to tend and care for the Lord’s flock. (That is what we are called to do as well.)

Paul had encountered the Risen Lord on his was to persecute Christians. Jesus then entrust- ed him with a unique mission…to be an apostle to the gentiles…to gather all people into the household of God. That would prove to be a very daunting task and mission. Nevertheless, that is our mission as well… ‘Go and make disciples of all the nations’ Jesus told His disciples. Caring for and building up the community… going forth to make disciples is our mission… ‘Be, Grow and Make Disciples’…sums up who we are and what we are about.

We continue to celebrate the wonderful gift the Lord has blessed us with in our new addition… and the continuing renewal of our parish. The Feast of Saints Peter & Paul gave us the opportunity of gathering in prayer and worship to ask our patron saints Peter & Paul for their intercession and guidance in fulfilling our mission…and praising the Lord for the many gifts He has given us. We need to offer Him thanks every day and recognize the unfolding of His plan for our parish family.

Our new Principal…Patricia Kirk…is trying to settle into her home and into her new position at SSPP School. Welcome Miss Kirk and our prayers are for a smooth and fruitful transition. We have a wonderful community and great families here at SSPP and are confident you will find a friendly home here with us. May the Lord bless you with wisdom and grace to carry out your mission…caring for all the families and children.

Fourth of July…is a time to celebrate the great gift of our nation… ‘Land of the free… and home of the brave.’ There are challenges to keeping a diverse democracy healthy and sensitive to the needs of so many. We are called to pray for our nation and its leaders. We are called to be active in the political process… and not only in election years. We want to protect and preserve all of the rights of every per- son…the right to life…and guarantee our religious freedom. Keep praying.

With the prospect of a new member on the Supreme Court, there has been much speculation about the type of person this should be. In Jesus’ day, there was much speculation as to the type of person the Messiah might be…and from where he would come. This Sunday’s Gospel helps us to see the challenges that faced His family and those familiar with Jesus. They found it beyond the bounds that He was doing and saying the things He did.

The fact that they were blood relatives and those who possibly grew up with Jesus seemed to block them from seeing God’s wonderful work and presence in Jesus. The question that pops up… ‘Where did this man get all this?’…along with several other non-flattering questions. The Gospel simply says… ‘And they took offense at him.’ They were asking some good questions… but failed to penetrate the deeper reality of Jesus’ true nature and the surprise that God was working in their midst. The question might be… are we missing something…are we looking deeper…are we living and sharing our faith?

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