Let It Go Weekend


Let it Go Weekend is not just about a yard sale…it’s an opportunity for us to reflect on our attitudes about material goods and our priorities in life.  As Mother Teresa said:  “I do own things, but they do not own me.”

So this isn’t just a chance t clean out you old things that you don’t care about anymore (that’s okay) but to also select some items that you really like and share then with someone who is in need and can enjoy them also.

Here’s What You Need To Do

  • Start gathering your gently used clothing (men’s women’s and children’s), shoes and accessories (purses and Jewelry)
  • Invite your neighbors, family and friends to join you in “letting it go”
  • Get the family involved…each person pick out at least one “Let it Go” item—that you still really like but want to share with others
  • Bring them to Mass on Let It Go Weekend in kitchen size trash bags