Cursillo (pronounced cur-see-yo) begins on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday evening.  During these three days, those attending listen to talks given by priests and laypersons, celebrate Eucharist and share in the fellowship of Jesus Christ and each other.  Cursillo deals primarily with a growth in knowledge, in awareness and in love of God, neighbor and world.  Even though they follow the same format, each Cursillo weekend is unique because the team and  participants all have different life experiences.  Therefore, it is difficult to explain exactly what your weekend experience will be like.  We can only tell you that it will be a spirit-filled three days in which your relationship with Jesus, His Father, and the Holy Spirit will be enriched.

Please contact Deacon Jimmy Ghiglione – 345-4343, ext. 101 for more information, dates or a registration form.  Check out the website at     

Cursillo has meant a great deal to me. Before Cursillo, I was pretty secure in my faith and thought I was doing all the right things. Cursillo opened by eyes to the awesome power of having Jesus Christ in your life in a very intimate way. At the end of every Mass we are told to go forth and proclaim the Gospel. Cursillo taught me how to do that through my actions and sometimes words. The Cursillo weekend is an amazing experience. There are so many wonderful unexpected things that happen. You are surrounded by people that walk the walk every day. You are inspired to be a better Catholic Christian. Many of my closest friends are people that I met through the Cursillo movement. These are true friends that I can count on no matter what the circumstances. I invite everyone to give it a try, it may not sink in right away but someday you will be glad you gave it a try.    – Mike McMahon


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