Second Capital Campaign: Future Generations Now!

As our second capital campaign –Future Generations Now!–nears completion, we are planning the next phase of our Master Plan designed to take our parish into the future.

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To accomplish our Mission and Vision, we need to make our facilities more attractive, welcoming, accessible and convenient for our parishioners and visitors. The capital campaign is about growing and changing–making our parish better!

Just as those who came before us built the beautiful facilities that we enjoy, it is now time for us to continue to improve and add to them to meet the needs of future generations.

Through your generosity, we completed many projects after our first capital campaign.  You again demonstrated your generosity with your pledges for our second campaign that ends this May.

A major reason that we need to make changes to our church is the expansion of Highway 159 which has made our current front entrance practically unusable.  We also need more gathering space to accommodate parishioner needs and our growing ministry activity. All this requires a new, improved church entrance and gathering space.  In addition, our current office—the old rectory—needs major repairs that experts have determined are not cost effective to do.

These changes are designed to benefit the parish and individuals by enhancing our sense of community and our environment.

There is much work to do and challenges to be overcome, but as a faith community, we can do it together.  Your continued commitment to our capital campaign will assure our success.  The best days of our church are ahead and your prayers and generosity will get us there!

Phase II projects are designed to make our facilities more welcoming, attractive and accessible

  • Easier access to church, restrooms and activities
  • More fellowship space
  • More welcoming environment for parishioners and visitors
  • Better security for school, staff and parishioners
  • Enhancement of worship atmosphere
  • More meeting space for God’s work

The widening or Highway 159 drastically affects our current entrance

  • Eventually there will be five traffic lanes in front of our church with NO parking on Highway 159
  • This makes our current front entrance basically unusable in many situations including funerals and weddings

A new entrance and gathering space is planned on the south side of the church

The new entrance/gathering space will:

  • Feature a drive way for easier access
  • Provide an area for before and after Mass functions and other activities
  • Be spacious and include ADA accessible restrooms
  • Connect the school, office and church for easier access
  • Require the demolition of the current parish office


The Parish Office will be adjacent to the gathering space, making it efficient and accommodating for parishioners, visitors and staff

  • Will use open office concept to maximize space, improve productivity and reduce energy costs
  • Allows for office staffing during weekend Masses for the convenience of parishioners and visitors


The church lower level will be renovated

  • Elevator will provide convenient access to church lower level
  • Rooms will be remodeled to accommodate meeting space, Bride’s Room and the Nursery
  • Restrooms will be renovated


The church interior will get needed repairs and updating of liturgical fitments

  • Repair/repaint walls and ceiling as needed
  • Add protection for stained glass windows
  • Upgrade to energy efficient lighting
  • Weatherproof east doors and replace other entrance doors to improve energy efficiency
  • Upgrade Baptismal font and Ambo

To accomplish this project, we will need $2.3 million

Plans are currently in a conceptual design phase, and how and when we move forward is dependent on a number of factors, including the final results of

The Future Generations Now! Campaign which will end in May 2015.

Campaign results to date

Goal: $1.8

Pledges:  $1.2

Contributions to date:  $800,000