Gather Your People


GYP2Gather Your People is a parish outreach program designed to convey a spirit of welcoming and sharing by conducting visits to every registered household.  Its objectives are to:

  • Reach out to everyone in the parish
  • Welcome those we don’t see often
  • Convey caring about the person’s needs
  • See if there are any needs not being met
  • Invite people to participate more fully in parish life
  • Get input on ways to improve the parish and areas where we are successful
  • Welcome back those not practicing
  • Update parish records

As of December 2014, Home Visitors have contacted about 500 homes and visited (in person or by phone) 200 parishioners.

We continue to see positive results from the home visits as we discover people’s needs and interests in joining ministries.  We have been able to address many parishioners’ needs that we were unaware of before this ministry.

We also receive many ideas from parishioners about ways to enhance our parish.

We are in need of Home Visitors to be able to reach more people faster!