Living Your Strengths


What is Living Your Strengths?

Living Your Strengths is a program for focusing on areas of strength rather than trying to improve areas of weakness.  It is a journey that could change your life.

Living Your Strengths shows you how to use your God-given gifts to enrich your life.  It teaches you to identify and affirm your talents, and how to use them for growth and service in all areas of your life.

It is a program designed for small group discussion that will help you understand your talents and how you are uniquely created by God.

Experiencing Living Your Strengths can inspire you to discover your true calling.  It can give you a clearer understanding of yourself and of others, of how uniquely you are created by God and how you can become stronger by learning to live your God-given strengths.

Traditional thought tells us to identify what is wrong with ourselves and to focus on “fixing” those shortcomings.

The strengths philosophy says people should discover their talents – the ways in which they, as unique individuals, most naturally think, feel, and behave and achieve excellence by building upon those talents to create strengths.

What other SS. Peter & Paul parishioners are saying about Living Your Strengths?

 A group of Ss. Peter and Paul parishioners have already participated.  They took the online assessment, discovered their top five “Signature Themes,” and then participated in a series of five meetings to discuss that information.  Here is what some have to say about the program:

“The Living Your Strengths program gave a wonderful lift to my knowledge of self.  Identifying my top five strengths re-energized my enthusiasm for living those strengths by giving of my time and talent in ministry to others.  I found the small-group setting to be stimulating, enlightening, and supportive — an ideal environment for nurturing community spirit and good stewardship.” — Felicitas Kluck

“I like the Living Your Strengths program because it focuses on all that is positive about one’s self, and it increases awareness of the good qualities and abilities of others.  Because of this awareness, those who work closely together can more efficiently benefit from one another’s strengths and talents.  In the end, the whole community benefits.” — Jenifer Lohmann, Director of Adult Faith Formation

“I am 55 years old and think I know myself pretty well. In the past, I have taken various profiles similar to Living Your Strengths.  But, I was pleasantly surprised with the in-depth explanations that Living Your Strengths provided for my top five strengths.  My wife of 26 years and I discussed my strengths, and although we have good communication, this helped open up additional communication and understanding of what makes me tick and how it affects us.  It has also helped me focus more on my strengths and things that make me happy at home, work and with family.” — Paul Reed

“I can’t help but relate this program to a statement I heard:  That God give us each something to do on earth that no one else can do!  Just think about the power that we can unleash in our parish, as each person discovers his/her strengths and how to better use them.” — Camille Emig-Hill

 The Living Your Strengths Ministry is encouraging every one to participate in this program.  We are blessed at Sts. Peter and Paul to have many opportunities to learn and grow—spiritually and personally–and this is one more.

To sign up for a Living Your Strengths group or for more information, contact Brad Hill or Camille Emig-Hill at 618-407-5067 or  You can also talk to our parish participants whose pictures are on posters in church.

“What we have been given is not for us—it’s to share with others.”