This is Commitment Weekend!

January 2, 2017
By SS. Peter and Paul

January 7 and 8 is Commitment Weekend, the culmination of our “Growing, Living, Building Together campaign. We are asking all those who have not yet pledged to our campaign to make the gift commitment this weekend.

Between now and Celebration Weekend, we will be calling on members who haven’t pledged to more fully explain our campaign effort, answer people’s questions and invite their investment in our future.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to let us know your gift intention, and you’d like to save us a call or trip to your home, you can stop by the school cafeteria after Mass today (or Morris Hall, if you can’t manage stairs). There, volunteers will be on hand to visit with you about our campaign, to answer your questions and/or accept your pledge decision, whatever it is.

Please do your part to help make our campaign a success and do your very best in the way of a gift. The very future of our faith family depends on peoples’ response—on you and what you ultimately decide to do!

Refreshments will be available.