Marriage Preparation

What Does the Marriage Preparation Ministry Do?

Married couples from our parish work with engaged couple in two areas– F.O.C.C.U.S. and Pre-Cana. Participating couples can work in either area, or both, as they judge how God may be calling them.


The Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and Study ministry works one-on-one with engaged couples of our parish. The FOCCUS instrument is an online inquiry done by the engaged couple.  Its design is to assess the couples’ understanding and communication skills regarding various aspects of married life.  Using a guided format, the facilitating couple mentors the engaged couple’s communication skills to encourage relationship and enhance awareness in those areas of married life that might be overlooked. The desired outcome is that the engaged couple be more prepared for the fullness of married life.


Pre-Cana is a semi-annual event, a day of concentrated overview that looks at various aspects of married life, and which allows time for couple reflection and private discussion.  Couples participate as part of a team, presenting a discussion on an aspect of married life.  The engaged couples come from throughout the Springfield diocese and occasionally from the Belleville diocese or St. Louis Archdiocese.

The desired outcome would be for the couples to acquire a broader Catholic perspective of married life along with helpful means of application. Some feedback from past engaged Pre-Cana couples is as follows:

“Didn’t know what to expect at all but was pleasantly surprised; really enjoyed the day.”

“Realized that marriage is a covenant not a contract.”

“Learned what an important role God plays in marriage and life going forward.”

“Exceeded expectations; liked the interactive activities.”

“Really did not know what to expect; very informative and time well spent; well organized day.”

How Can I Serve?

Marriage Preparation needs more couples to continue to grow this ministry.  Call Deacon Jim at  344-7985 for more information.