Sharing God’s Gifts with those in genuine need
at a unique yard sale hosted by our parish

 Free Yard Sale  October 12, 2019

We need volunteers to assist with preparing for the sale and on sale day.

 Contact Marty Wiegers at 344-6479

 Thanks to all who “Let It Go” last Weekend!

You donated over 300 bags of clothing and accessories!


  • On October 15, our parish will welcome the community to the “Almost Free Yard Sale” in our cafeteria
  • It will be open to only those with special vouchers from 8-10 am and open to the public from 10 am-1 pm
  • $20 vouchers will be distributed to those at need through churches and organizations
  • The highest priced item will be $1 and many items will be free
  • Breakfast will also be served